Boss: Queen Beezel, the Golden Tyrant

Beezel orders her minions to capture prey from nearby towns, trapping them in wax cells.  She disregards the party even as they break into her home.  When the party confronts her, Beezel sends her strongest minions to fight them.  It's only when they proved themselves before her that Beezel leaves her throne and draws her blades against them.

She was scheduled to show up in The Fates We Weave at some point, but Beezel's concept started way back before I heard of RPG Maker, back in the days of "I'm gonna make epic RPG".


Repl F Update: Scary Battle System

Currently don't have an enemy to showcase this, but I did code an alteration to the battle system.  Thanks to what I did with "Stupid Rubber Peril Game"'s Dark Knight, this is the basic I have so far:

-You will defeat an enemy the normal way...
-If an enemy "kills" you, you don't die but instead get Horrified.  You also gain Horrified from other sources.
-An enemy will have the chance to use an "Ending" skill when you are Horrified, ending the battle (in defeat) if it hits.  Some enemies will "play" with you before they End you.

Thankfully, there will be a few actions to reduce or heal Horrified, but don't be afraid to run away if you feel it's too risky.


Jumpstarting my Brain

The Jelly Beans are coming!
I tell myself:  If I ever find myself unable to move forward with my current project, mess around in another project.

I decided to clean up my "Bound Movement" code, which was used in The Fates We Weave and "Stupid Rubber Peril Game".  This consisted of removing some of Galv's original code that wasn't needed and moving some snippets that prevented the "corpses" from blocking jumps.  And from there, I added two more features:  My Followers will now hop if they have a "cocoon" state, and events will replace walking with hopping if they are given a notetag in their comments.  I also edited a bit of the player's collision detection so that followers don't shield the player from events, though it's also possible to make events react with the follower train as well.

In short, I just expanded the fun I can have.


Charset: Rubbery Templates

Considering that "Stupid Rubber Peril Game" has latex stuff in it and that there isn't much latex content in other games, here's some encasement stuff I whipped up.  The pattern for the mummy came from the RTP's "maid carrying paperwork".

And in case you noticed, I also crafted sprites based on Sebastian/Parangsakti's Pucker Spore and Alenonimo's Slavex Suit (This one using Fairy and Succubus parts).  And of course, the infamous China Doll Mask.

Script: Class Armor

The cosplay is real

Script: Class Armor
Link: http://bastianfanworks.dreamchaos.net/downloads/Class%20Armor.txt
Difficulty: Medium
Short Version: Equipping Armor will change your Class.


Repl F Update: Cue the Lights...Again!

Previously, I created light by creating an event, and then using a "near player" snippet, I set a variable for that area.  I had a script that pretty much changed the tone of the screen based on that variable, which led to a flickering effect.  However, it seem that there was a moment in each room that the lights shift back to normal values because I placed them in the Custom Move Route, hence the variable wouldn't happen instant.  I could do a Parallel Process, though...

I ended up making another script that used notetags in the maps, and because the math takes place on the map, there is no adjustment time needed for the lights, making the light transitions pretty flawless.  This also means I need less "lightbulbs", which at least means more space on the map to work on.

Edit:  Also worked on a few "light-related" bonuses.  For example, a lit hallway would have a 1/10 chance of being ambushed.  Walking into a dark hallway is guaranteed to have a 100% chance of ambush.  I plan to have a Flashlight as something you can use to nullify most encounters.


Repl F Update: Keys and Surprises

My mapping adventure continues.  With most of the lights in place, I now draw my attention to putting in other events that will help you progress through the mansion.  As it goes right now, unlocking the third floor and activating the lights will be a simple process.  However, there are multiple goals you set out to do in this mansion, and getting out is one of them. 

This, of course, means that I have to put in events that impede your progress, like these books for instance.  Originally, I figured defeat was going to turn you into one of them.  However, I still want to mess around with the battle system a bit, and in turn, how everything else affects battles.  Anyway, I'd recommend not zooming through the library straight away.


Boss: Archdryad Beryl

Beryl was a planned boss in TFWW's prototype, but story changes kicked her out.  Originally, she would not have been happy about her forest burning down and sought to capture any trespassers in her forest.  Ideally, you would have fought two Dryads and chased the third to her hiding spot.  Beryl is a "buffer" who makes her Dryad much stronger as the battle progresses, so you would have to down the Dryad first and damage Beryl before she can summon another Dryad.

A plan that was scraped in the current TFWW were capturable bosses.  If you could capture them, they could become your party members.  This did mean that Beryl could buff your party or heal with fruits.


Repl F Update: The Map (Such Labor)

I got me a mansion!  Well, I don't know if it is going to be the final product, but considering the number of rooms that comes with it, I'm most likely to work with this.  The layout takes inspiration from Maniac Mansion, though as I have not played that game, the order of events that you need to take to win is definitely going to be different.

I also added in some randomized hallways.  With four variables, I can use these hallways as transition points, or in other words, I can reuse these hallways to connect different parts of the house instead of making these set of hallways for each pair of rooms.  This should ensure some...variety when you're trekking through this house.

Hm, from my research of RPG Maker horror games, the type actually differs.  Some focus on mind screws, others on jump scares, and some focus on stories while others focus on puzzles.  Well, this RPG isn't far in enough to figure what kind of Halloween game it will be, though as I do plan one or two fetishes in here...partly exploration and unlocking the house (probably puzzle).  Speaking of which, are there any fetish Halloween games out there?

Repl F Update: Cue the Lights

Sorry, I was distracted by other video games, but I did managed to start on a few test concepts for the Halloween Game.  If you haven't checked the title demo, it'll be called Repl F for artsy reasons (though I only removed three letters from each word)

In addition to the face replacing enemies, I've decide to try my own lighting mechanic, because RPG Maker horror games need some sort of light manipulation.  When you get near an active light source like a lamp, or loaded batteries into your flashlight, the place will brighten up.  However, if you've watched RPG Maker horror games and you're alone in a dark house, you wouldn't exactly be running into the darkness, so in places without proper lighting, your running abilities will be negated.  With enemies lurking about in the place, it's best you get the lights working.

Also, some enemies and obstacles will affect your movements.

I also decided to craft one of those endless hallways for fun.  I can hardly tell the difference!