Battlers: And Spiders

Silly me, I almost forgot to post the spiders.  Considering that the Fates We Weave was supposed to have Spiders as the main threat, this is how many Spiders I have compared to numerous packs of enemies.

For your information, I couldn't decide on driders or spiders, so these are actually spiders if you ignore the "mouth".


Battlers: Cocoons and the Neematod

Link (Cocoons): http://www.mediafire.com/file/2nc4sbyg8gxpuzl/Cocoon.zip
Link: (Neematod): http://www.mediafire.com/file/wjavu7c95pu80qc/Neematod.zip

Two sets this time.  First, the cocoon set isn't that big, just some general cocoons for your game.  For The Fates We Weave's planned story, you were most likely going to encounter some cocoons if not make some of your own.

Second, the Neematod, the orange worm here, was a special enemy inside The Fates We Weave.  By itself, it's not really a tough enemy.  However, it has a strange cult following, so if you fight the Neematod numerous times, people in orange leotards and green hair will come to aid it.

Battlers: Plants

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4qrg03b56oj6g9h/Plant.zip

Not all enemies need flesh and blood.  In this pack are Dryads with their captives and Flowers.  Captives account for human and fairies.

Battlers: Beefy

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q6mdf44pa22e0lj/Beefy.zip

Sometimes, your game needs a little muscle.  Just some big guys, some goblins, and some moles and gravestones.


Title Demo: Jiggly Slime and Game Screw

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ockek0k4k18f9ge/ReplF_Demo.zip

Here's a little tech demo of what I plan for my Halloween Game.  No reason for me to withhold the jiggly jello if you just want to play with that. 


Secret: The Old One of The Fates We Weave

If you played The Fates We Weave, there's supposed to be something of a secret boss coded in.  Of course, you can't really defeat him or get anything from him at this time, but I consider getting to him a challenge.

Yr'gnuh is an Old God because there was Old Gods in Bloodborne and Old Gods in Hearthstone; everyone was doing it.  In this game's case, not only did he end up with an interesting animation, but I did a bit of scripting to make him stand out.  Note that the eyes are the bottom of his mouth and he needs no shading.

 How to unlock this boss (Current Demo) with barest hints:

1.  Activate Hard Mode, Vore Mode and Random Trait Mode.  While you might have a chance to get them on a new game, there is a place in the demo you can activate those options.  You have to activate them before finishing the first boss.

2.  Clear the Spider, Cyber Fae and Mudball Nests on Hard Mode to acquire some Wrappers.

3.  Purchase Shrinky Pop.

4.  Use Shrinky Pop on a hidden monster.  Profit.


Battlers: Small Fries

Set (25): http://www.mediafire.com/file/6mqhofi28c8t38l/Small.zip
Charset not included.

If you don't want to start with fairies or rats, here's some small creatures that won't take much space.  Well, it's more of a variety pack, so here's what you have:

8 "Bushy" critters/plants
5 Fairies
4 Reptiles
5 Kobolds
1 Spider?
1 Sexy Kobold Lady

So, Kobolds, one of them in the red cloak.  Probably doesn't look like a fantasy Kobold, but I didn't think to call them Gremlins.

Battlers: Slime and Boss: Slime Tower

Set (3 x 10, plus 3) : http://www.mediafire.com/file/omdh4sbode6w2s6/Slime.zip

Slimes are the default starters of RPGs, and I ended up making them in different shapes.  You'll also notice that there are three kinds of slimes here.  From the lore of my RPG, the blue slimes are native to the Fantasy/starter continent, while the purple ones are artificially made by the mechanical empire.  The pink ones are slimes that were introduced to the vorish island that the game takes place.

I also planned to have some slime bosses.  This is one version of Slime Tower, which is reasonably named.  He is a bit taller than the RPG Maker battle screen, though from what I planned for him, Slime Tower would fall and split apart, either from a toppling attack or after being knocked over.

Battlers: Vermin

Set (12 + 1 Char): http://www.mediafire.com/file/1k0fph3rrir4mhg/Vermin.zip

An RPG needs to start with basic enemies, and here's a rat....and friends.

I decided to give some of the basic critters a semi-feminine because from what I've seen in vore games, basic rats don't get much love.  So ten of these battlers are different animals, plus there are two candle-ghosts that borrow the same pose.


Halloween Game: Starting Project

Alright, Halloween is about 2 months away.  I want to create a RPG by then.  My previous Halloween idea seems to have faded out and probably wasn't fun to try.  However, I just watched Miitopia, the 3DS RPG where enemies have your dudes' faces, and then I had an idea!
Yes, I've gone and made a quick script to put randomized faces on monsters, and customizable in plenty of ways, but this isn't a script update yet.  Still, it'll probably be a useful story-telling device if used right.

Also, I made a silly title screen mechanic that makes a slime jiggle.  I think it is more playable than the game, ha.

Stupid Rubber Peril Game

Game: "Stupid Rubber Peril Game"
Status: Complete
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g6uqeexj6nnw6dy/StupidRPG.zip

Parangsakti drew a RPG concept where a "dark knight" enters Sleep Mode when low on HP, a state of super regen and super defense.  I wanted to make it work.

This game is pretty much a tribute to some of her pics, which focuses on plenty of bondage and latex.  It's also where my favorite movement script shines, forcing the player to jump around or wiggle helplessly.  Otherwise, it's a pretty short game.

The Fates We Weave

Game: The Fates We Weave
Status: Hiatus (Chapter 1 Complete)
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4hi8eax9jy333d7/TFWW-Demo-1.zip

The Fates We Weave is my first RPG Maker game, meaning I've done the rookie oops and tried to make it a very big adventure.  This game makes references to vore and would contain spiders.  The main reason it's on hiatus is because I realized the core element, spiders, is lacking in the story.

I also dabbled with the battle system a bit, making it more than just attack buttons.

It's Gonna Rain!

Greetings, Polyedit2000 here.  I'm a guy who likes to fiddle around with RPG Maker VX Ace.  I'm also a guy of plenty fetishes, and I like to draw monsters.  Here are the three kinds of things I'll upload to this blog:

-Sprites:  I've made it my policy to make monsters for my own RPGs, so I have plenty of Battlers to spare.  Some of the fetishes can't be shown in battle, so I also make some character sets and a few other stuff.  Bondage and latex is the way to go!

-Scripts:  I figure something's got to stand out for my games, so in rare occasions, I'll probably show off a script.  My favorite is the one that makes you hop around and sticks you in one place.

-Games:  The way I use sprites and scripts is to make a game, of course. I'll post updates on them, though I'm used to releasing a game on completion.  Sometimes, if a title is fancy, I'll release a title demo to play around with.

I'll start uploading some content soon.


Oh, and Terms of Use for Sprites/Scripts:  Pretty okay to use them non-commercial, question me if you're using them for commercial purposes.  As this is an adult blog, probably okay to use them in adult games.