Repl F Update: Cue the Lights

Sorry, I was distracted by other video games, but I did managed to start on a few test concepts for the Halloween Game.  If you haven't checked the title demo, it'll be called Repl F for artsy reasons (though I only removed three letters from each word)

In addition to the face replacing enemies, I've decide to try my own lighting mechanic, because RPG Maker horror games need some sort of light manipulation.  When you get near an active light source like a lamp, or loaded batteries into your flashlight, the place will brighten up.  However, if you've watched RPG Maker horror games and you're alone in a dark house, you wouldn't exactly be running into the darkness, so in places without proper lighting, your running abilities will be negated.  With enemies lurking about in the place, it's best you get the lights working.

Also, some enemies and obstacles will affect your movements.

I also decided to craft one of those endless hallways for fun.  I can hardly tell the difference!

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