More Vore Galore!

First, the graphical side.  I decided to start on some monster shapes.  No shading yet, but some creative ideas.  There may be a chance you would get the shape in the demo rather than an actual sprite

For actual content, I managed to code a few more things for the ryona engine:

-Vore Requirement tag: A certain state must exist on the prey before the pred can eat the prey.  The pred can also attack with both states, though technically, they will use one state before the vore state can be used.
-Vore Exit tag: A state is applied when the prey leaves the pred.
-Glutton tag:  This enemy can eat multiple prey!

I'm still trying to fiddle with the Glutton tag, but I think that I can make a "size" increase there.


Grabbing a New Idea

If you've seen a Japanese Ryona game, most of them tend to be sidescrollers where many enemies can grab you and get animated.  People like Lipucd and Kaven Bach manage to create enemies in RPG Maker that can "remember" the players they captured and even have graphics based on who they captured.  And then there is me.


Slime Time Demo Released!

Game: Slime Time
Status: Demo
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9xlct8yb9srnoyk/SlimeTime.zip

Well, I can't really add any more experiments without tinkering deeper into the code, but I'm pretty certain I've covered a good amount of things to try out.  However, there's only two or three states, with two of them dependent on you sinking.  Oh well, just have fun with this thing.


The Slime of Music

Current progress of the demo:  While I have 7 main rooms done, I want to try and add some extra rooms for other mechanics.  And even though the game could be released as is, I should polish some of the details.  Thankfully, I added some music and I think that should be enough to set the mood.

Edit:  I just put in the title screen.  It uses the jiggly slime mechanic from Repl F, but I'm attempting to put in an additional sprite like something's pushing form the inside.


Staying Fit, Staying Slime

Well, some more progress!  Let's see what we have here:

Lab 4:  You'll have to defeat a number of slimes to open the gate.  There is a counter to let you know how many still remain, and the gate opens once you hit that number.  Leaving the lab will reset the number but not the gate.

Lab 6:  You'll have to defeat an enemy, but your attacks won't work on it!  Once you manage to destroy it, the gate will open.

When I was testing Lab 6, the "death trigger" failed to work among minor issues.  It turns out that the method that would turn a dead enemy into an erased event (and handle the activation of switches/variables) wasn't part of the actual erase method that was placed in the quicksand part.  This is easily fixed by calling the correct method.

Lab 7 is a secret, but it should be easy to implement.  Also, I have decided that the doors will open in tiers, so you'll have to your way to Lab 7.


What is Slime but a Miserable Pile of Slimy?

Well, things seem to go pretty quickly.  The slime pits and their states are more or less organized, so it is easy to start creating the rooms.  Also, I realized that hopping didn't trigger floor events, so that was patched up too.By this point, three rooms are nearly actualized:

Room 2 features restrictive state charges.  Ideally, one charge just by walking through is alright, but another level by staying in the pit would glue your legs together, meaning you'll have to hop.  Staying longer would then glue your arms to your body, making you unable to attack (or even mess with buttons).  The sinking for this pit would take longer just to make this room easier.

Room 3 features "teleporting pits".  If you sink all the way down, you'll end up at the exit pipe.  It'll also use my Reset Self Switch script to reset the room when you leave.

Room 5 features touching slimes.  Okay, this room isn't actually complete yet as I need to fiddle with the enemies, but what I did here is make enemies move back to the top of the room when they sink, and each time that happens, their movement changes.  Both slimes and slimes here would use the cocooning-slime, so the aim is to get through without much of a mess.


Slowly but Slimy

The only big thing I accomplished tonight was to standardize the testers here.  That is, the four girls here are wearing swimsuits and have the same sprite templates for their status effects.  In time, I will have to adjust their swimsuits to make them more individual.

Still, that does complete one objective, allowing me to identify and focus on the next objectives, which will be to change the quicksand settings and to craft the enemies here, not to mention adding other doodads like switches on the end.