The Lass is for the Lady

If you take a look at this pic, I am leading a party.  The flower is reacting to someone.  That someone is not my party.

I have managed to get an Event to react to another Event, restricted to whether that Event is an Enemy or can trigger events, and also restricted to whatever can be effected by Events.  Also demonstrated, though not easily visible, is that the Event is also affecting whoever touches it, whether it is an Enemy or the Player. (In this case, the flower subtracts some HP, which can "kill" the enemy".)  Also, Events that only trigger but aren't enemies can still trigger the flower but won't get damaged by it, so no crashing here.

Hm...I know the next step for an ABS is to implement some attacks, though at this point, I probably want to create a demo, even if it's just zombies tearing down a wall.  Anyway, I do have to add in some more code for functionality, such as knocking characters back and creating events that can trigger from enemies but not players.


Stepping Stones

Last time, I spoke about having each person in your party activate an event they step over.  By default, only your leader can step over switches and activated them one.  I hoped to have something a bit more dynamic by having said switches activate for each character walking over it.


The Lass Needs To Watch Her Step

Destiny 2...I'm spending too much time on it.

Anyway, what I decided to tinker with the "ABS" this time is making Events trigger other Events.  So for example, a trap can trigger to damage an Event Enemy or for a rock to hold down a pressure-sensitive switch.

So far, I created note tags to mark the events that can be triggered this way (so enemies don't talk to NPCs) and also allow NPCs to activate these Events too.  I also created a method to apply damage to the player and events who step on this Event and will work on them soon.

However, I'm trying to make events trigger with Followers too for a bit of touch (and in case I make flying arrows), though they're not triggering the Events yet.  I also have to try and make these events work for events on the same/normal layer as they're currently like mines at the moment.  I'll surely find my solutions after some rest.


The Lass Needs More Flavors

Last time I posted, I ended up with an issue that would give an Enemy Event only one chance to have a state but not receive it again.  It seems that I have to put in the on_turn_end method that pretty much manages things like states, so multi-dipping is now possible.

While I wouldn't actually need much, part of me wants to see if I can create an "ABS" from this.  Considering some states can damage HP, the next step would be to determine how 0 HP can effect an Event.  So I just spent the night adding a few more notetags:  one tag will change the event's Self-Switches or trigger a regular erase, and the other tag will change Switches or Variables (in case I want to tally points).

...To be honest, I have no idea what I will use the ABS for.  At least it's something to do while gearing up in Destiny 2.


The Other Lass is Half Empty

Nearly everything can sink into the quicksand, and my Player and Followers can get states by sinking into the quicksand.  Therefore, my Events should sink into the quicksand to get those states.  Of course, I could probably call on Self Switches to change pages or behavior...

But I decided to try and give my Events the ability to have States.  Ideally, the Event scans a notetag that will assign an Enemy to an "actor" variable like Game_Player or Game_Follower does with the party.  Through the State Character script, the Actor was the class that changed the character graphics, so one similarly for Enemy ought to work similarly.  In short, the Event should draw the new appearances from whatever is put in the enemy.

So far, I managed to get the states to work on the events, in the sense that the graphics change when stacks of states are added.  However, it should be noted that these Events don't naturally support all the features of states like walking it off or turning around, so I might put those in.  For now, I'm distracted by Destiny 2.


The Lass is Half Full

I use Himework's State Charges back in The Fates We Weave to manage "stacks" of states, such as the Guard Removals and the Webbings.  This is partly because I'm partly afraid of script compatibility if I were to use Hime's Conditional or Progressive states with say CP's Graphic State script.  Yesterday, I began working on modding Himework's State Character so that the graphics will change based on stacks of states rather than just one state.

...State Character isn't on Hime's site because I modded that from her State Face script, though you may have seen this script in effect if you played Stupid Rubber Peril Game.

Anyway, the pic shows no state, 1 Charge of a state, and 2 Charges of a state.  If state is removed by walking, charges drop off one by one, so it kinda "washes off".  I managed to get the script to work with assigning multiple graphics and a "general graphic" so far, and I just transplanted the code to work with faces and battlers.

Oh, and I tested this using a snippet in conjunction with the Quicksand script (which I just tinkered again to account for non-visible Followers)


Boss: Monitaur, Corrupted AI

I got distracted by South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Don't Starve Together...they're mainly for research purposes.  For example, the first Time power you get in South Park allows you to "reset" event positions.  At a basic level, I could have a parallel process event check if I activate a state or switch to relocate a moved boulder that hogs a hallway.

But anyway, here's a boss to make up for the week:

He would have a different name, but the Monitaur is a two-phase boss you'll encounter in a crashed airship.  His "main phase" is pretty tame, attempting to heal itself and "sanitize" the party one at a time.  However, if an Intruder enemy jumps in, it will "exterminate", dealing damage to the whole party and the intruder.  To make the battle a bit more difficult, Modules will jump in when his HP drops to certain points:  Gun Module will deal damage and Defense Module will negate damage to Monitaur as long as they are active.