Repl F Update: The Map (Such Labor)

I got me a mansion!  Well, I don't know if it is going to be the final product, but considering the number of rooms that comes with it, I'm most likely to work with this.  The layout takes inspiration from Maniac Mansion, though as I have not played that game, the order of events that you need to take to win is definitely going to be different.

I also added in some randomized hallways.  With four variables, I can use these hallways as transition points, or in other words, I can reuse these hallways to connect different parts of the house instead of making these set of hallways for each pair of rooms.  This should ensure some...variety when you're trekking through this house.

Hm, from my research of RPG Maker horror games, the type actually differs.  Some focus on mind screws, others on jump scares, and some focus on stories while others focus on puzzles.  Well, this RPG isn't far in enough to figure what kind of Halloween game it will be, though as I do plan one or two fetishes in here...partly exploration and unlocking the house (probably puzzle).  Speaking of which, are there any fetish Halloween games out there?

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