It's Gonna Rain!

Greetings, Polyedit2000 here.  I'm a guy who likes to fiddle around with RPG Maker VX Ace.  I'm also a guy of plenty fetishes, and I like to draw monsters.  Here are the three kinds of things I'll upload to this blog:

-Sprites:  I've made it my policy to make monsters for my own RPGs, so I have plenty of Battlers to spare.  Some of the fetishes can't be shown in battle, so I also make some character sets and a few other stuff.  Bondage and latex is the way to go!

-Scripts:  I figure something's got to stand out for my games, so in rare occasions, I'll probably show off a script.  My favorite is the one that makes you hop around and sticks you in one place.

-Games:  The way I use sprites and scripts is to make a game, of course. I'll post updates on them, though I'm used to releasing a game on completion.  Sometimes, if a title is fancy, I'll release a title demo to play around with.

I'll start uploading some content soon.


Oh, and Terms of Use for Sprites/Scripts:  Pretty okay to use them non-commercial, question me if you're using them for commercial purposes.  As this is an adult blog, probably okay to use them in adult games.

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